• Chamomile Flowers Tea - 125g

Camomile is best known for its use as a pleasant tasty tea to calm jangled nerves.

While drinking camomile tea is fine, tinctures are more effective as they contain more of the herbs carminative essential oil.

Some herbal experts say Camomile can cause allergic reactions in some very sensitive people although this is very rare. Those who have hay fever should try camomile cautiously for the first time as camomile is a member of the ragwort family and could trigger allergic reactions.

To use: Place one teaspoon of tea per person into a warmed pot or mug infuser and add hot water. Allow to steep for 5 minutes, or longer if a strong infusion is required, then strain into mugs. A little honey or other natural sweeteners can be added if desired.

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Chamomile Flowers Tea - 125g

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