• Rune Stone Set Fancy Jasper with Black Velvet Bag

Rune Stones are one of the mystical worlds true mysteries. Nobody can be truly sure exactly where they came from and when. There are many theories on the subject but it is believed by some that they were first used any time from 2000BC to 100AD by tribes such as The Goths and other Germanic Tribes. Over the following year the use of Runes Stones spread throughout Europe with tribes like the Angles and the Saxons using them in the west and the Norwegian, Danish and Swedish using them in Scandanavia (among others).

The Rune stones we have here are all of the Elder Futhark which was more commonly used in Northern Europe. Each set has 25 Runes. 24 with characters on them and a single blank rune.

Each set comes in its own velvet bag. Each stone has a size of approximately 10-20mm

Fancy Jasper is a powerful grounding stone. It is excellent for stress as it is calming to the mind. It can protect from psychic attack and absorb negative energies. Fancy Jasper can align the chakras and also has a cleansing effect on the aura. It can help concentration and inspire creativity. On a physical level it can help the circulation, digestion and cleanse the blood.

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Rune Stone Set Fancy Jasper with Black Velvet Bag

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