• Goldenseal Liquid Extract Tincture - 50ml

Goldenseal is an amazing herb and one the most important and widely used. It is used for many conditions and may help to treat: athletes foot, bladder infections, canker sores, chronic fatigue syndrome (ME), colds and flu, earache, fungal infections, intestinal parasitesm pneumonia, sinusitis, sties, tinnitus, vaginitis, viral infections, wounds and yeast infections.

Goldenseal is the best known of the 'golden' herbs that contain berberine which has stong antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Can be taken internally or used on the skin. A must have store-cupboard herb.

50ml 1:3 Alcohol Volume 60%. Take 10 - 15 drops 2 x daily.

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Goldenseal Liquid Extract Tincture - 50ml

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