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Higher Nature True Food Wise Woman 90 Capsules

Higher Nature True Food Wise Woman 90 Capsules
Brand: Higher Nature
Product Code: 17696448752
Reward Points: 44
Price: £22.43
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Price in reward points: 2243
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Probably the most complete multi-nutrient formulation ever for women

True Food® Wise Woman provides a complete spectrum of bio-transformed™ vitamins and essential minerals. In addition, each formula provides key antioxidants, brain foods, amino acids and other nutrients, plus a hardy probiotic for digestive wellbeing.

This formula contains vitamin A. Do not take if pregnant or likely to become if pregnant. May not be suitable for people with a fish or crustacean allergy.

Three capsules typically provide: VITAMINS: 1500µg Vitamin A* 5000iu, 1mg Beta Carotene*, 3mg Vitamin B1*, 3mg Vitamin B2... more VITAMINS: 1500µg Vitamin A* 5000iu, 1mg Beta Carotene*, 3mg Vitamin B1*, 3mg Vitamin B2*, 18mg Vitamin B3*, 5mg Pantothenic Acid*, 5mg Vitamin B6*, 2µg Vitamin B12*, 200µg Folic Acid*, 0.05mg Biotin*, 143mg Vitamin C*, 12mg Bioflavonoids*, 2.5µg Vitamin D* (100iu), 10mg Vitamin E* (15iu), 40.2µg Vitamin K* MINERALS: 0.75mg Boron*, 120mg Calcium, 0.33mg Copper*, 30µg Chromium GTF*, 100µg Iodine (Kelp), 4mg Iron*, 0.75mg Lithium*, 28.8mg Magnesium*, 0.33mg Manganese*, 40µg Molybdenum*, 75µg Selenium*, 30µg Strontium*, 30µg Vanadium*, 3.6mg Zinc*, 27mg Silicon (Horsetail). BOTANICALS: 10mg Alfalfa, 10mg Artichoke, 10mg Angelica, 10mg Anise, 10mg Broccoli extract 4:1, 3mg Capsicum, 15mg Coriander, 10mg Cranberry, 10mg Dandelion extract 4:1, 5mg Garlic, 10mg Ginger, 8.6mg Horsetail, 5mg Jasmine, 18.27mg Kelp, 5mg Parsley, 20mg Pau D’arco, 20mg Sage, 5mg Tarragon, 10mg Sweet Basil, 10mg Watercress, 10mg Wild Lettuce ADDITIONAL NUTRIENTS: 5mg Alpha Lipoic acid, 10mg DMAE, 15mg L-carnitine, 2mg Co-enzyme Q10*, 25mg SuperPotency Soyagen* PROBIOTIC: 5 million Lactobacillus sporogenes *Individually bio-transformed™ nutrient.

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