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Himalayan Salt T-Light 800g

Himalayan Salt T-Light 800g
Brand: The Happy Health Company
Product Code: 5055677806207
Reward Points: 8
Price: £4.99
Ex Tax: £4.16
Price in reward points: 499
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This is a unique, hand crafter salt light. It was made by artisan craftsmen from crystalline mountain salt deposited 100's of millions of years ago.

It contains many minerals which create its beautiful colours.

Your himalyan T-Light will naturally emit negatively charged ions and this property is magnified when it becomes warm. The negative ions aid in the neutralisation of positively charged ions which can exist in the air of your home or work place.

Positively charged air is polluted, stagnant or static and occurs in rooms fitted with artificial fibres, where computers, tv's etc are running or where no movement of fresh air is available.

Due to the varying nature of these products, the picture above is for illustration purposes only. Each T-Light is unique.

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