• BioBulb SAD Daylight Bulbs - 60w Bayonet Fitting

The BioBulb is a flicker free full spectrum daylight bulb that uses 75% less energy than a standard light bulb. The BioBulb 60w (using 20w) bulb issues a massive 1750 lumens (a lumen is a way of measuring natural light, and a standard 60w bulb only manages 600 lumens, so that's over three times as much) and closely replicates sunlight, which may improve mood, nighttime sleep and daytime energy.

Anyone prone to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or who simply longs for summer may find that its flicker-free white light helps to restore their natural equilibrium.

They are ideal for reading and most pleasing to the eye. The BioBulb also radiates less heat than a standard bulb and lasts around 10,000 hours saving energy and money.

Daylight helps restore the body's natural rythms and brings nourishment to the body mind and soul.

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BioBulb SAD Daylight Bulbs - 60w Bayonet Fitting

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