• Himalayan Planet Salt Lamp 7-10KG

Himalayan salt lamps are made from salt crystal rocks formed by nature hundreds of millions of years ago. The lamps are carefully crafted by hand to retain the unique and beautiful shape of the rock. Each lamp is a unique, hand-crafted piece. Naturally-occurring minerals tint the ancient salt with beautiful colours ranging from off-white to apricot, to warm pink and deep red. The light glows through the crystal rocks to create a romantic, cosy atmosphere. Rock salt crystal lamps are suitable for daily use as natural de-ionisers near televisions and computers, around smokers, in offices, or in therapy rooms to promote relaxation and healing and anywhere else you want to restore air that is polluted and preserve the natural air quality. The salt lamps are of the best quality and kite-mark standard electrical fittings.

About Ions And Your Health - We spend most of our lives in enclosed places. Our frame of mind and physical condition depend on the composition of the air that we breathe. Air is electrically charged, which means it contains indefinite proportions of positively charged molecules (positive ions) and negatively charged molecules (negative ions). Scientific research has shown that their balance is required to create a good mood and aid health. Computer screens, air-conditioning and TV sets are sources of surplus positive ions in the air. These devices make an electrical smog that can lead to bad moods, weakness and sleeplessness. We must add negative ions to the atmosphere to achieve a balance in the air and neutralise the electrical smog around our homes and work places. The environment we live in is full of positive ions that make the air more polluted. These positive ions are being discharged by electrical appliances, high voltage networks, heating and cooling plants, radio and television transmitters, radar systems, tobacco, computers and TV sets. Rock Salt crystal is known to be one of the most efficient emitters of negative ions that improve the air quality. Salt lamps create a microclimate that is similar to the air after a light spring storm. In the high country and near beaches and waterfalls, fresh air carries around 4000 negative ions per cubic centimeter whereas in big cities, during rush hours and traffic jams, the negative ions do not exceed more than 100 to 120 ions per cubic centimeter. The presence of negative ions in the atmosphere creates a state of well-being. Salt crystal, thanks to its chemical composition, is an ideal source of negative ions. Negative ions clean the air of Dust, Pollen (grass, weed and tree pollen), Dust mites, Animal dander, Smoke Odour and Mold spores. Negative ions can help relieve symptoms of Hay fever, Asthma, Seasonal affective disorder, Depression and Chronic fatigue.

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Himalayan Planet Salt Lamp 7-10KG

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