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Le Myosotis Ear Candles 1 pair

Le Myosotis Ear Candles 1 pair
Brand: Le Myosotis
Product Code: 23954886403
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The use of auricular or ear candles is an ancient therapeutic treatment used by the original inhabitants of North and Central America (especially the Hopi tribe or the Pueblo Indians) as well as the Indonesians. Each tribe possessed its own recipes and formulations, all with different ingredients and forms.

They were used to relieve tension in the head and to re-establish a general equilibrium. Fire was supposed to purify and warm those in a fevered condition.

Myosotis candles combine a high quality formulation (tested ingredients) with handcrafted manufacture and original recipes.

How the ear candle works: As it burns, the candle gives off a warm vapour of micro particles of beeswax, which stimulates secretion, softens the cerumen (ear wax) and makes it easier to extract.

Pure "orgamiel" certified beeswax, untreated cotton fabric, essential oils and plants of organic origin.

These candles are not a medicine. In the event of ENT (ear, nose and throat) problems, consult a specialist.

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