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Magno Ball - Reduces limescale and hardwater

Magno Ball - Reduces limescale and hardwater
Brand: Ecozone
Product Code: 48603990381
Reward Points: 25
Price: £14.99
Ex Tax: £12.49
Price in reward points: 1499
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Not only is the Magno-Ball powerful against preventing limescale build-up in your washing machine and dishwasher it will fight to remove the existing build up. Using only the very best quality of magnets available, Magno-Ball is the leading product in the fight against limescale. Magno-Ball's magnetic power crystalises lime scale particles, these transformed particles are unable to settle in your clothes or on the heating elements of machines and pipes. Economical and environmentally safe, once you start using the Magno-Ball you may no longer require anti-lime scale tablets to soften your water as the Magno-Ball will do this by up to 70. You can even lower the washing temperature and still find that the clothes are clean. Can be used with the Eco-Balls or if you choose to use detergent you can use 70 less.

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