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Orange Peel Powder - 250g

Orange Peel Powder - 250g
Brand: The Happy Health Company
Product Code: 5055677801271
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Orange Peel is harvested from the ripened fruit of the Orange tree. The Orange is among the most popular of citrus fruits.

Oranges are a very healthy fruit because they contain a large amount of Vitamin C. The Orange Peel is used to make candy and marmalade, and as a flavoring. Orange Peel also contains an oil that is used in making perfume and soap. The Orange Peel is also where most of the Vitamin C is located. If you’re eating just the fruit, you’re missing out on most of the Vitamin C.

Orange Peel Powder can also be soap recipes, bath blends or used as a face mask as a natural and pure way of toning and cleansing the skin.

The paste is massaged into the skin for a cleansing action. This stimulates the skin and clears the pores.

1:Place required amount of powder in a small bowl and add the liquid to a consistancy of cream.

2: Apply to the face and neck with massage strokes. Avoid delicate skin eye area.

3: Keep the mask on for 20 minutes or until it dries.

4:Wash of with warm water then rinse with cool water.

Supplementing with Orange Peel Powder is a healthy way to increase Vitamin C intake.

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