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CandiGONE is a 15-day antifungal and antibacterial herbal cleanse. It specifically targets yeast organisms and eliminates them from the body. CandiGONE is formulated with a broad spectrum of antifungals, in order to target the many different types of yeast organisms. By using more than one type of antifungal, yeast is not likely to adapt. CandiGONE also includes antibacterial herbs. When harmful bacteria overgrow, it produces an environment where Candida can thrive. By removing the bad bacteria, good bacteria (probiotics) can populate and greatly reduce the chance of Candida recurrence.

Probiotics are ‘friendly’ bacteria which help to ensure a healthy balance between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria  in the intestinal tract. Ultimate Flora Critical Care is a 50 billion culture, 10 strain probiotic formula designed for treating Candida overgrowth. Taking it along with CandiGONE will ensure that your good bacteria repopulate in the digestive tract. Please Note: If your main Candida symptom is a vaginal yeast infection use Ultimate Flora Women’s Formula instead of Ultimate Flora Critical Care. Ultimate Flora Women’s Formula is formulated to help maintain a healthy balance of vaginal and urinary tract bacteria.

What is Candida?
The medical community recognizes Candida yeast, as the cause of problems like vaginal yeast infections, thrush and jock itch. What is often unrecognized is that this yeast starts in the digestive tract, and that the overgrowth needs to be controlled in the gut or the yeast may become systemic. Systemic is when the yeast is able to enter the blood stream and travel throughout the body, where it can spread to the vagina, urinary tract, skin, fingernails, toenails, mouth, organs and tissues.
This is when yeast becomes Candidiasis, which is the underlying cause of many health problems.

Do I Have Candida? People of any age or sex can have Candida. Sometimes individuals will go undiagnosed because the symptoms can vary from person to person.

If you have any of the following symptoms, you could have Candida

  • Persistent bloating / gas
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Recurring vaginal yeast infections
  • Food sensitivities /allergies
  • Brain fog
  • Bad breath
  • Sinus problems
  • Recurring bladder infections
  • Fatigue and insomnia
  • Sugar cravings and difficulty losing weight
  • Blurred vision
  • Chemical sensitivity
  • Depression

How Does Candida Affect My Health?
Most holistic experts agree that the alarming number of people with Candida in the UK is due to the overprescribed use of broad spectrum antibiotics. Antibiotics not only kill the bacteria we want to get rid of, but also the good bacteria in the digestive tract. This leads to Candida overgrowth. Other drugs which can affect the balance include anti-inflammatories, cortisone and birth control pills. Poor diet (too many refined carbs), stress and nutrient deficiencies can also lead to an imbalance. Yeasts are parasitic organisms that take nutrients from us and eliminate toxic waste. They have been found to produce over 70 known toxins. When Candida changes to Candida Albicans (from its yeast form into a fungal form), it creates waste products known as mycotoxins. In its fungal form, Candida also grows long “roots” called rhizoids. These rhizoids puncture the intestinal lining resulting in holes throughout the digestive tract. These openings allow Candida, as well as toxins and undigested food particles to pass through into the bloodstream. This is called leaky gut syndrome, a serious condition that can lead to inflammation, food allergies and auto-immune disorders.

How Can I Get Rid of Candida?
1. CLEANSE your system with anti-fungal herbs.
2. RE-ESTABLISH good bacteria with high potency probiotic supplements.
3. CHANGE your DIET to one that will not encourage growth of Candida. Eliminate all sugar & sweeteners including fruit, fruit juices, carbohydrates and dairy products. Also, cut out all fermented & mouldy foods including alcohol, soy sauce, vinegar, mushrooms, and peanuts. Eat plenty of vegetables and lean proteins.
4. DRINK plenty of pure water: at least 1.5 to 2 litres per day.
5. ELIMINATE or minimize antibiotics, steroids, immune suppressing drugs and oral contraceptives (only after consulting your health care provider).

Benefits of Eliminating Candida Overgrowth
• Increased energy
• Improved mood
• Less bloating and gas
• Clearer skin
• Weight loss
• Improved memory and focus

The Renew Life Difference

Renew Life is North America’s #1 digestive care company, we are unique in our industry in that digestive health is our sole focus.

For over 20 years, Brenda Watson’s understanding that improving digestive health is the foundation of overall health, has led to our company to developing the finest cleanses and digestive care products available.

• All Renew Life products are free from binders, fillers and excipients (like magnesium stearate) and harsh contaminants. Our motto has always been, “Why put more toxins in your body when you are trying to get them out?”

• All Renew Life products are free of gluten, wheat, corn, yeast, additives and preservatives. All ingredients are non-GMO.

• All Renew Life products are therapeutic-strength, offering safe and effective natural solutions to digestive care issues. We constantly innovate and educate to help our customers improve their health.

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*Renew Life CandiGONE Kit

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