• Dr Gillian McKeith's LivingFood Energy Powder 165g

Sprouts represent the stage of optimum vitality in the lifecycle of a plant. It is at this stage of sprouting that seeds provide optimum nutrition in the form of more readily digestible and absorbable vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, complete protein and antioxidants. Contains sprouted quinoa (high in amino acids and minerals) and sprouted millet (high protein).

Essential fatty acids provide linoleic and alpha linoleic acid, and their co-factors, gamma linoleic acid (GLA) and arachidonia acid (AA). Fatty acid oils are provided in their freshest, most natural and useable form, derived from flax seeds, sunflower seeds and nori for optimum health.

Dr Gillian McKeith advocates the use of green foods for better health and quality of life. Green barley grass and alfalfa (more than 90 minerals, digestive enzymes, protein, vitamin A and chlorophyll), dulse (full mineral profile), parsley (high source of calcium, iron and more vitamin C than citrus fruits), and wild blue green algae (virtually every nutrient known to man).

Whole leaf aloe vera, a concentrated source of nutrients designed to cleanse, tonify, build and energise.

Recommended Dosage:
2 teaspoons per day in juice (not citrus) or water during the first month. Gradually increase up to 3 or more teaspoons per day according to personal need and lifestyle.

Organic sprouts blend of sprouted quinoa and sprouted millet, organic flax seeds, organic sunflower seeds, wildcrafted dulse, organic alfalfa, wilcrafted nori, organic parsley, organic whole leaf aloe vera, organic green barley grass, wildcrafted wild blue green algae.

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Dr Gillian McKeith's LivingFood Energy Powder 165g

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