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*Please note, this product is being offered at a reduced price as it has a best before date of END June 13. These products gernerally have a 2-3 year shelf life when manufactured and the 'best before' date is not a 'use by' date and therefore does not mean the product cannot be consumed after this date.*

Spatone is the gentlest, most easily absorbed, clinically proven iron supplement available. One sachet provides 100% of a person's daily iron requirement. Spatone is a natural iron supplement collected from the Trefriw Wells Spa, a natural spring deep within the Snowdonia national park.

Generally, women have higher iron requirements than men mainly due to extra demands caused during menstruation and pregnancy. Yet they also, on average, eat less food. In fact, of all minerals iron is the only one where women's requirements are greater than men's. It is not surprising therefore, that less than optimum iron levels are found in as many as...

  • 33% of all women (in UK) with similar figures for children
  • 42% of Women under 50 (in UK)

Research has shown that iron requirement can double during the second half of pregnancy. Because of this exceptional demand for iron, requirements are often not met by diet alone. It is often at this time that women are prescribed iron tablets and suffer with the uncomfortable symptoms that are often associated with them such as constipation.

Spatone provides a gentle alternative iron supplement that is ideal to take at this time. Clinical trials have proven it to be a highly absorbable and effective supplement during pregnancy.

The only 100% natural iron supplement available, it is suitable for children over the age of two and can be diluted in fruit juice - providing your children's entire average daily iron requirement, a mineral which is absolutely essential for energy production and healthy growth in a tasty nutritional drink.

Adult men can, and do become Iron insufficient but not nearly as much as women and children, for obvious reasons...no monthly cycle, and no growth spurts. Some common contributory factors in adult men can include haemorrhoids, bleeding ulcers, regular use of antacids, continuous heavy physical exertion, and excess tea, and or wine consumption.

Spatone is an excellent natural iron food to help maintain optimal iron status which is so essential for high energy levels.

Anyone who takes regular exercise or does a physically demanding job could require extra iron to compensate for that used during high-energy expenditure. In physically active people, iron levels can be depleted in numerous ways. Losses in sweat can, in extreme cases, account for 50% of the average daily iron requirement for a male.

That's because as much as one litre of water containing as much as 0.5mg of iron, can be lost an hour during a hard workout.

Foot strike destruction of red blood cells (red cells are broken by trauma as they pass through the foot during exercise), natural wastage and in females, menstruation can also deplete iron levels.

The Over 60's
OK, so most of us don't want to climb Mount Everest, but we do want to live life to the full and that means maintaining our optimum energy levels.

As we grow in age, our capacity to absorb iron diminishes. This coupled with a sometimes poorer appetite, can lead to a less than ideal iron level.

As many as one in four people over 60 are estimated to have low iron levels. Spatone replaces lost iron naturally, and because it's so pure and gentle, it is suitable even for those who may be convalescent.

Spatone is especially suitable for anyone who cannot tolerate manufactured iron preparations, and, when there is a need to take extra iron long term and there is concern about taking high quantities causing iron accumulation. Spatone is a safe and effective iron food alternative, ideal for long term use.

Because Spatone is 100% natural and comes from a natural source there have been no added ingredients. Spatone has been approved by the Vegetarian Society.

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Spatone Natural Iron Supplement - 14 Day Pack SALE

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