• TapouT Electrokick 700g - Lemon

Did your last workout kick your butt or leave you feeling drained? When you're training hard and your shirt is soaking with sweat, you're losing electrolytes which can affect performance and recovery. Electrokick Sport Drink delivers the nutrients to keep you energized! Clinically studied ingredients for the perfect balance of nutrients for peak performance.

TapouT's Sports Nutrition Electrokick Sport Drink is loaded with hydrating electrolytes, energy replenishing carbohydrates and high quality protein to fuel your starving muscles. Recent studies suggest athletes can benefit from added protein in sports drinks. Stay at your peak during and after an intense workout and re-fuel your body with the most refreshing, tastiest sports drink you've ever tried.

Electrokick mixes instantly in water and can quickly help prevent dehydration, cramping and energy loss during and after your workout. Consumption of beverages containing electrolytes, carbohydrates and protein can help sustain fluid-electrolyte balance and exercise performance.

For the athlete who wants a great-tasting sport drink, TapouT Sports Nutrition Electrokick Sport Drink is loaded with the perfect blend of hydrating ingredients that help maintain your energy throughout your training. Research suggests combining protein with carbohydrates in the two hours after exercise, results in an increased insulin response that leads to more stored glycogen and less lactic acid which speeds recovery.

Consuming Electrokick Sport Drink before exercise provides the liquids and nutrients your body needs to prevent cramping and dehydration during and after your workout. If you're looking for the best way to refuel your body after strenuous endurance exercise, Electrokick Sport Drink has you covered!

Key Ingredients:
·          Electrolytes - help prevent cramping and improve fluid absorption and transportation of nutrients into tissue.
·          Carbohydrates - are the major source of energy for your body. Increases performance and the capacity to have a prolonged workout. Consuming carbohydrates two hours before exercise can delay fatigue and prevent hitting the wall.
·          Protein - helps to improve energy, strength and performance and gives you the right tools for the growth and repair of your muscles.


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TapouT Electrokick 700g - Lemon

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