• TapouT Recover x 25 Servings - Vanilla

Recover Post Workout is designed to repair and rebuild muscles, supplying them with the nutrients they need immediately after training. Loaded with easily absorbed-high quality protein and carbohydrates it helps you recover the strength lost during strenuous exercise.

After a hard workout, your body is like a sponge ready for replenishment. Consuming Recover Post Workout replenishes and maximizes storage of precious muscle glycogen. But, timing is critical to restore muscle glycogen.

Research shows that athletes who want to store maximal amounts of muscle glycogen for optimal training and peak performance should shift their intake of carbohydrate-rich nutrients to immediately after workouts. In fact, the best way to rapidly replenish muscle glycogen is to eat or drink carbohydrates immediately after exercise.

When carbohydrates are combined with proteins, the muscle glycogen storage is enhanced for maximum benefits after exercise. · Whey Concentrate - concentrates contain a low level of fat and cholesterol with higher levels of bioactive compounds and carbohydrates. · Protein concentrates are the fastest digesting protein. · Whey Isolate - contains more protein with less fat and lactose-free per serving, and is the highest yield of protein form available. Whey protein is the easiest to absorb into your muscle. Isolates are a slower digesting protein. · Casein - is a protein that is found in milk and is the slowest digesting protein. · Maltodextrin - easily digested carbohydrate that creates an "insulin spike" which shuttles nutrients to the muscle and facilitates protein synthesis.

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TapouT Recover x 25 Servings - Vanilla

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