• Tumble Stone Calligraphy Stone (20 - 30 mm)

Shu Fa stone, also known as Calligraphy Stone, is Botryoidal Fluorite, a beautiful stone from China. A spectacular part of the Flourite family, Shu-Fa forms amazing swirls and shapes, often resembling ancient writing.

Known as a brightener stone, Shu-Fa has a rather pleasing effect when placed within a family room or living area. Each piece has a unique geometric pattern and coloring.

One of the most valuable aspects of this stone is it's use in Feng Shui to keep energy or Chi flowing freely through a home. For those who feel out of balance in their lives, this is a great meditation stone, as it is known to bring great clarity of thought and a feeling of reconnection.

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Tumble Stone Calligraphy Stone (20 - 30 mm)

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