Detox & Pamper Bath Pack

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      Detox & Pamper Bath Pack

      Try our Detox & Pamper Bath Pack. Take some time out for yourself! Our relaxing and detoxifying bath packs helps you unwind and rid your body of harmful toxins that accumulate in every day life. Included in this pack are:

      Magnesium Bath Flakes
      An aid to help you unwind and relax tired and aching muscles. Magnesium is responsible for more than 300 chemical reactions within your body which help support calcium absorption, bone maintenance and healthy functioning of the nervous system. Magnesium also helps improve rest and recovery by contributing to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue.

      Detoxifying Clay Face Masks:
      A 70g packet of Red, Green and White Detoxifying Clay Face Masks. ( 1x Each Colour) Clay Face Maks detoxify the skin while reducing excess oil and removing pore-clogging impurities. Clay has both skin calming and oil-absorbing properties, making it useful both for those with sensitive skin, as well as oily or acne-prone skin

      Nag Champ Incense Dhoop Cones:
      Also included is a packet of the best selling Nag Champ Incense Dhoop Cones. Nag Champa has a soothing fragrance that helps relax your nerves and reduce stress. Nag Champa incense is also known to have anti-inflammatory properties that are said to boost the immune system and ensure the healthy functioning of our internal organs)

      Essential Oil Pillow Spray:
      Finally, complete your pamper with our expertly blended ‘Calming’ Pillow Spray to help support your nightly sleep routine. Sleep is essential to both our physical and mental wellbeing so If you want to be eased gently into a deep and calming sleep, and feel recharged on waking, then squirt a few sprays of this on your pillow for a restful nights sleep.

      Each Pack Contains Enough for 12 Detox & Pamper Sessions.





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      Detox & Pamper Bath Pack

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