Gentian Liquid Extract Tincture

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Gentian is one several herbs that produce anti-biotic activity. Traditional Chinese herbalist prescribe Gentian for treating ear infections. It also may work for colds and flu. Taken 30 minutes before meals, Gentian may prevent heartburn and aid digestion and it has a long history as a digestive herb. Bitter compounds in gentian have been found to stimulate the flow of saliva and stomach secretions

Herbal pharmacologist Daniel Mowrey, Ph.D of The Scientific Validation of Herbal Medicine and Herbal Tonic Therapies says that Gentian "provides bitter principles known to normalise the functioning of the thyroid", and he uses it as the main ingredient in his thyroid formula. He also recommends Gentian along with Ginger, Goldenseal and Liquorice root to treat ulcers.

PLEASE NOTE - thyroid conditons should always be treated by a qualified herbal practitioner.

1:3 Alcohol Volume 45%. Take 10 - 15 drops 2 x daily.


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